` links
... which Steve thinks...
... are interestink...

The Bob And Tom Show
A syndicated radio morning program that features Steve quite a bit
A nutty site featuring Steve and many other funny people
Gary Gordon Productions
Excellent political incorrectness from Gary Gordon
Phil Van Tee
A funny site belonging to comedian Phil Van Tee
Alison Larkin
The BRILLIANT voice of Hermione, Ron, and Dobby on most of my Harry Potter songs! Visit her site -- you'll love it!
Kaboom Records
Multi-talented musician / producer Michael Duncan
R&R Crossing
The amazing folk-rock group R&R Crossing, produced by Steve
John M.
Fab singer / songwriter / producer known simply as John M
Music Lessons In Your House
A great resource for Nashville music students, from my buddy Michael Hoover
Throwing Toasters
Funny funny band! Creators of "Nursery Rhyme Lawyer"
XM-Kids Satellite Radio
They play Steve's Harry Potter songs all the time!
The No Suit And Tie Allowed Show
They play Actual Size songs quite a bit!
Children's Music Web
A fab website/radio program for kids, which features Steve a lot!
Roy Zimmerman
The man... the myth... the Tom Lehrer of our time...
Dementia Radio
A crazy website for crazy music, which features Steve a LOT!
Musicians For Peace
A swell website for a swell group that promotes peace and music