The 2004 Ovation Awards (LA's Tonys)
Steve gets a trophy for theatrical sound design at a big fancy ceremony at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown LA 11/15/04!

Paul Dooley announces the nominees...
If you look real close, you can see my name on the screen. It says:
Steve Goodie
Produced by The Theatre @ Boston Court
That's the name of the play (and the theater) for which Steve won a lovely award.

"What the hell just happened?"
(These were actually the first words out of Steve's mouth... which got a pretty darn good laugh.)

"Let's hear it for the band."
(Always thank the band... that way, they don't "play you off" in the middle of your long, boring acceptance speech.)

The Speech
"What hasn't already been said about sound...
that we give a damn about?
And hey! Someone fix my jacket!"

Thanking Mom and Dad
(And making a mockery of the whole thing,
much to the delight of all.)

And that's about it! A star is born!
Photos by Alysa Zanden