Steve Goodie is on the air!

Sunday mornings at 2

Tune in to 98.9 FM if you're in Nashville, or listen to the station on the web at

"So what's the show all about?"

On The Contrary is just your basic radio show starring an egomaniac with a large backlog of songs about Bush, republicans, and other invertebrates. Plus there are fascinating in-studio guests, good pokes at AOL and cell phones, commercials about W and gun-nuts, some good clean fun at Dick Cheney's expense, examination of the health care crisis and intollerance in our society, and a damn fine imitation of a salamander juggling watermelons.

You can hear some of Steve's favorite episodes here:
September 2006 - Theme: Tolerance
November 2006 - Theme: War
August 2006 - Theme: Sex and Sexuality