About the

Steve Goodie is a standup comedian who found out that there's money to be made by writing books. A really nice guy (who deserves the money), he spends his days helping the less fortunate by pointing out interesting cloud formations. Having had very little formal education, Steve wrote most of this book in his underwear. The rest was written in someone else's underwear.

Steve began his showbiz career at the age of five, when he was requested for a command performance before England's highest dignitaries, juggling sixty-three watermelons while playing the trombone. From there Steve went on to Kindergarten, where he majored in finger-painting and graham cracker spitting.

But 1995 found Steve floundering, unsure, and smelling pretty bad. His spirits were low, his health was failing, and his car was getting only four miles to the gallon. Steve heard the voices saying, "Write a Self-Help Daily Affirmation Book before you run out of gas money." He wrote the book, and nothing happened. No interest from the publishing world. Steve grumpily updated the book several dozen times, and proceeded to drive the literary world crazy until someone (more brilliant than all the others) finally published it.

And -- viola! No wait, that's a big violin. Voila!

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