The book you are about to sample contains a hazardous level of sarcasm. If taken at face value, these words will easily offend the easily offended. If you do not like sarcasm, if you do not recognize sarcasm, or if you have never heard of sarcasm, you are advised against reading this book. You are, however, still encouraged to buy it.

This is a Self-Help Book. This is a style of writing/publishing that has become very popular in the last twenty years or so. I absolutely can't stand this kind of book. Which is why I've decided to write one.

I've found that any given Self-Help Book usually appeals to (and perhaps helps) those people who are already having the sort of thoughts expressed by the author of that particular book. It's like being pleased because your Psychic Friend told you what you wanted to hear. But this book is different. This book, I'm confident, embodies nothing that anyone wants to hear. And that is my "edge," that is my "hook," that is my "spleen."

-- Steve Goodie