What is
Achieving Happiness Through Lower Standards?

It's a mock self-help book. It's excellent coffee-table or back-of-the-toilet reading material. But Achieving Happiness Through Lower Standards is more than that. Underneath the wise-guy veneer is truth and (dare we say?) wisdom, presented in a charming and entertaining way.

What are they saying about
Achieving Happiness Through Lower Standards?

“This. Is. Brilliant. I love it. I guffaw. I snort. I groan. This thing is huge! [Its] clear primary objective is "laughs," but it also by the way makes actual SENSE and is attractive as a code to live by, in a perverse way. It’s like a Zen monk with an attitude problem.”
- Timothy J. Weber, computer programmer and Thoughtful Person

“Steve’s approach to finding the extraordinary in the ordinary makes this book a must-read!”
- Jessica Kubzansky, genius theater director

“Men are not, in reality, from Mars. There are no women on Venus. Rush Limbaugh is gone, Al Franken is home in bed, and the electoral college is a big drunken frat party. What are we to believe? The public needs a new sage, an unshakable voice. Steve Goodie, through Achieving Happiness Through Lower Standards, is that voice.”
- Steve Goodie