Send an e-mail to Howard Stern!
On Tuesday, November 2, 2004, two significant things happened in the United States.

1. John Kerry wasn't elected president.

2. Howard Stern played part of a Steve Goodie song on his show.

I know. It seems like far too much to comprehend all at once. Such bad news, coupled with such good news. So sit down. Take a breath. Relax. Have a scone. And plan for the future...

I hear you ask, "What should I do?" Well, I think the only thing we can do, as a nation, is write to Howard and ask him to play some more Steve Goodie stuff.

"How do I do that?" Easy. Click the link below, fill in a message, and hit Send.

Write to Howard


Q: What song did Howard play?
A: He played the first verse of "Hey There, Georgy Boy" as part of a montage of anti-Bush songs.

Q: Is "Hey There, Georgy Boy" an anti-Bush song?
A: Yes, it is. It's from Steve Goodie's (then) new CD, "You Stink George W!"

Q: Cool! How can I hear it?
A: You can go to Steve's website, to check out a free preview and buy the disc.

Q: What's a montage?
A: It's a bunch of stuff all in a row, like a musical collage.

Q: What's a good shampoo to use?
A: A lot of people like Suave, from what I hear.