What they're saying about Steve Goodie and his songs...

One of our most talented 21st-century parodists.
- Dr. Demento

Just heard... "Dumbledore." Great stuff! I would love to come in and play on your next album!
- Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz
"Weird Al" Yankovic's drummer

By pure accident I heard "Ned Beatty had the hardest part" on the radio (while surfing with the 'seek' button). It is a very funny song. Thank you for the pleasure of starting my day laughing.
- Ken Frazier, Madison, WI

Weird Al, look out...
- Rick Burgess, The Rick 'n' Bubba Show
(syndicated morning radio show)

You. Rock. You are truly an inspiration. I love "Take it back" and everything else you've done up to now. But you really outdid yourself with "Nailin' Sarah Pailin." That is just sheer, unadulterated genius. Keep up the good work. You're truly one of America's great smartasses (my highest praise) and one of my American heroes.
- "Globehead" (a youtube fan)

You REALLY know how to do children's music. I mean... most people who switch from "normal" stuff to children's music do really stupid boring songs that make no sense and have no point and I just know the CD's must annoy the parents to no end. But not you. You actually make songs about what kids want to hear, and it's appealing to everyone else too. I really like that.
- Jace McLain, Germantown, TN

I really enjoyed your "So Happy Together" song parody that aired on the Bob & Tom Show last week. It's not often that something on the radio elicits a belly-laugh from me during my agonizing drive to work in the morning. Thanks!
- Jeffrey S. Kobal, West Palm Beach, FL

“XM-KiDS [satellite radio] has taken off, and Steve’s stuff is a big part of that. His Harry Potter songs are some of our most-requested songs.”
- Kenny Curtis, Program Director, XM-KiDS radio

Once again this fall we're assembling a CD/cassette sampler for our fan club, The Demento Society. I would be delighted to include [your parody] "Renting" in this project. "Quidditch Ball Wizard" came through loud and clear. Can I use it on the next show I tape? Thanks for the music!
- Dr. Demento

My daughter has been begging for the Harry Potter songs. Thank you so much for putting together a CD for kids. I even pre-ordered your new one because I know all my kids are going to want to listen. And listen. And listen. Thank YOU for listening to your ‘small’ fans!!
- Chris Bourgeois, Delavan, WI

Love your stuff... played your last CD quite a bit and would love to hear your new one.
- Bob Wolf, WPYX, Albany, NY

Your CD was the hit of our housewarming party yesterday. It's fun watching people say "That's so tasteless!" between gasps for air. I loved it! Excellent performance and production, which really makes all the difference with parodies (to me).
- Timothy Weber, Ithaca, NY

I cannot get that Ned Beatty song out of my head. I need this CD now. If you have any love for humanity you will send it now.
- Steve Berebitsky, South Bend, IN

I first heard your song "Quidditch Ball Wizard" on the Dr. Demento show and was really impressed. I thought to myself, "Here is a guy who is even better than Weird Al." Keep up the good work.
- Cecil McDonald, Wichita, KS

We played "So Happy Together" today... good laughs. Thanks again... keep 'em coming!
- Dean Metcalf, Producer, The Bob And Tom Show
(syndicated morning radio show)

I just wanted to tell you I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan.. as are my kids.. And we heard you for the first time on XM radio this weekend and my 2 year old keeps asking to hear the Harry Potter song! So I have to buy them for them :) Thanx for making us laugh! You do a fantastic job! Great!!! Thank you soo much! I can't wait to receive it! Keep up the good work! I'm sure we will be buying more!!
- Amber Sulzynski, Quantico, VA

Heard "Goblet of Fire" on Dr. Demento last week...and all I gotta say is...for the first time, you've done it again. That John Mellancamp song never crossed my mind; my thoughts leaned towards "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, though I just couldn't make it work. But YOU...you made something work! Can hardly WAIT for your "Order of the Phoenix" parody. Goodie, you still got it!
- Chris Wolvie, fellow funny songwriter

Your songs are soooo clever...thanks for the fun, most talented work you do! My boys and I sing to your CD (now CDs) everyday!!!
- Jenny Hollis, Lane Mission, TX

Thanks for doing what you do!! My cousin and I can't get enough of your stuff. We love Harry Potter.
- John Hueni IV, USA

You really did a good job with this song [Harry's Wand] and hopefully it will be played for many years to come. You should be considered a role model for others in the music industry.
- Debbey Schaffner, Raleigh, NC

"Chimpanzee" kills me... definitely the best post-Mouthful parody... just thought you should know.
- Eric Teplitz, Philadelphia, PA