Steve Goodie
A Funny (Music) Business

• Funniest song of 2016 on the Doctor Demento Show
• Logan Award winner for comedy music 2016 "I Dropped My Phone In The Toilet"
• Howard Stern
• Sirius-XM
• The Bob And Tom Show

For as long as
songwriters and musicians have been plying their creative wares, it's been understood that music is a funny business. For comedian/songwriter Steve Goodie, a slight twist might be more apt: "Funny is a music business."

House emcee at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe for over a decade, and a favorite of the legendary syndicated radio host/producer Dr. Demento (who calls Goodie "One of our most talented 21st-century parodists"), his songs have also been played on morning shows nation-wide. His Youtube videos have been seen by millions, he's won numerous awards (both for his songwriting and his technical artistry), has appeared on national TV, and performed onstage literally thousands of times. And he's created an entire cottage industry writing and recording songs about Harry Potter.

In the thirty-plus years since Goodie first introduced himself and his hilarious parody songs, original compositions, and hysterically blunt observations about our society and the world-at-large, he's put out a body of work rivaled by few artists of any genre. And, for the most part, he's done it by himself.

In 2018 his A Confederacy Of Douches marked his twenty-ninth release. While a few of the projects (The Two Jew Revue, Falling Standards, Actual Size, Girlband, and The Wizenheimerz) have been collaborative efforts, most have been solo, with Goodie writing or co-writing every song, playing almost every instrument, engineering, producing, designing the CD packaging (cassette packaging at first), and even directing and producing his own videos.

A Chicago native who has called Nashville home for the vast majority of his career, Goodie - when not performing or recording his own projects - keeps himself busy with Quality Recording, his full-service studio highly in demand among Music City songwriters and artists. He's also a model train junkie, and admits that the hobby, while not taking up a disproportionate amount of his time, is taking over his house.

Lately, Goodie's been working on a one-man autobiographical musical/multi-media production, the latest incarnation of which he's calling, simply and characteristically, "Steve's Big Dumb Show." He debuted the project in Nashville in 2016, took it on the road for a month of nation-wide house concerts this past Summer, and is currently booking dates for similar tours in Spring and Autumn 2021.

As Ty Hager, a long-time friend and collaborator, puts it: "He's like a f***ing creative Energizer Bunny, and makes all of us lazier musicians and comics look bad. That's why no one likes him."

House emcee at the world-famous Bluebird Cafe: 2007 - present
One Man Show, Steve's Big Dumb Show, around the USA, 2016 - present

Showtime: The Areola
Featured performer, The Today Show, NBC
Short Attention Span Theater Bootcamp Special, Comedy Central
Charlie Daniels' Talent Roundup, TNN
Comic Relief, Nashville TN
Charlie Chase's Funny Business, TNN

Airplay of "You Stink, George W" on The Howard Stern Show 2004
Heavy rotation airplay of "Quidditch Ball Wizard" and "Harry's Wand" on XM-KiDS Satellite Radio 2001-present
Airplay of "Ned Beatty" on The 5 O'Clock Funnies, KLOS 95.5 Los Angeles 2001
Airplay of comedy songs on over 200 radio stations across the U.S. 1995-present
Regular syndicated airplay on The Dr. Demento Show 1999-present
Regular syndicated airplay on The Bob And Tom Show 2001-present
Regular syndicated airplay on The Rick And Bubba Show 2001-present
Regular syndicated airplay on The John Boy And Billy Show 2001-present

The Areola (Hog) - appearing on Showtime, Fall 2001
Cadmium Red Deep (Sid the Weasel-Boy)
The Pound Of Music (Larry the Annoying Musician)
("The Pound Of Music" was written, produced, and edited by Steve,
and premiered at the North By Northwest DV Short Festival)
The Adventures of Zoey (Director)
("The Adventures Of Zoey" was directed and edited by Steve, and was a finalist at the Telluride IndieFest 2004. Steve was awarded first runner-up for Best Director.

Funniest song of 2016 on the Doctor Demento Show
Logan Award winner for comedy music 2016 "I Dropped My Phone In The Toilet"
Winner, Comedy Central's Comedy Bootcamp Competition
Semi-Finalist, National Lampoon's Comedy Playoffs
Finalist, Johnnie Walker Comedy Search

The Improv, Los Angeles CA
Laugh Factory, Los Angeles CA
Comedy Store, Los Angeles CA
Zanies, Chicago IL
Headliners, Washington DC
Charlie Goodnights, Raleigh NC
Giggles, Seattle WA
Laffs, Albuquerque NM
Zanies, Nashville TN
Funny Business, Madison WI
Loonees, Colorado Springs CO
Comedy Zone, Knoxville TN
Looney Bin, Memphis TN
Comedy House, Little Rock AR
Comedy Cove, Phoenix AZ
Bonkerz, Ocala FL
Comedy Club, Huntsville AL
Bonkerz, Orlando FL
Headliners, Alexandria VA
Comedy House, Augusta GA
Comedy Catch, Chattanooga TN
Laffs, Tucson AZ
Laughs Unltd., Sacramento CA
Funny Bone, St. Louis MO
Comedy Zone Charlotte NC
Slapstix, Wichita KS
Club Comedy, Milwaukee WI
(among others)

Worked with: Brian Regan, Richard Belzer, Bobcat Goldthwait, Ralphie May, Charles Fleischer,
Janeane Garafalo, Rich Hall, Pam Stone, Margaret Smith, Willie Tyler and Lester,
Gary Muledeer, Judy Tenuta, Jay Mohr

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